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We ser­ve in Fin­nish, English, Viet­na­me­se and Thai. Welcome!

About Us

Official­ly known as AT Mar­ket Oy, Asian Tas­te Mar­ket is a Asian food pro­ducts retai­ler and who­le­sa­ler establis­hed in 2018. We pro­vi­de Thai, Viet­na­me­se, Chi­ne­se, Japa­ne­se and Korean products.

Our ope­ra­tions are concent­ra­ted in the Tur­ku eco­no­mic area and our sto­re is loca­ted in Kou­lu­ka­tu 3 near the cen­ter of Tur­ku. Our pro­duct ran­ge con­sists of 2000 dif­fe­rent pro­ducts and we con­ti­nual­ly deve­lop our pro­duct ran­ge by trends and cus­to­mer feedback.

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Contact information

Tin Pham 

045 127 1057 
Viet­na­me­se - Fin­nish - English 

Tuong Pham 

Sto­re Manager
040 130 6115 
Viet­na­me­se - Fin­nish - English 

Namthip Datsungnoen 

Cus­to­mer Service
040 016 9230
Thai - Fin­nish - English 

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